Women Lifted Us Through the Pandemic. Now, Let’s Lift Them

A year into the pandemic, I’m inspired by the resilience of women.

In absolutely unimaginable circumstances, our communities were powered by women on the frontlines. Pre-school teachers educating our kids, police officers protecting our neighborhoods, nonprofit leaders helping residents stay healthy, and doctors and nurses caring for our loved ones — women have courageously stepped up, often putting their own lives on the line for us. And they weren’t just heroes at work — many mothers have juggled home schooling their own children, keeping their families fed and sane while stealing only a few precious moments a day to cope with the immense emotional stress of this time. A woman’s strength runs deep.

Yet, on March 24, Equal Pay Day marked how far into this year women must work to earn the same as men did last year. Many women of color only make about 63 cents for every dollar earned by men, and with the massive disruption in employment due to the pandemic, that gap is only widening.

At the close of Women’s History Month, I hope we couple celebrating their invaluable contribution to Greater Miami with supporting the ongoing push for gender equity. Communities have proven time and time again that economically empowered women lift all residents. Let’s carry the month’s energy forward and ensure fair access and opportunities for ALL women to thrive.

Lucia Davis-Raiford

President and CEO

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