From Moment to Movement: Our Push for Racial Equity

History has proven that the deep, consistent pain felt by people forced to the fringe of society will spark the movement for change. History also tells us that the hardest part is to sustain that change. Movements start long before they reach a fever pitch. Last summer’s national outcry and the current racial reckoning has […]

Beyond the Verdict: What is True Justice for Black Communities?

The grief and trauma of recent weeks gave way to some relief after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty for George Floyd’s murder. It was a meaningful first step in Floyd’s family receiving some form of justice for the tragic loss of their loved one. And while the jury did the right […]

Women Lifted Us Through the Pandemic. Now, Let’s Lift Them

A year into the pandemic, I’m inspired by the resilience of women. In absolutely unimaginable circumstances, our communities were powered by women on the frontlines. Pre-school teachers educating our kids, police officers protecting our neighborhoods, nonprofit leaders helping residents stay healthy, and doctors and nurses caring for our loved ones — women have courageously stepped […]

How Do We Mobilize More Residents in Black and Brown Communities?

Greater Miamians have long-been pegged as civically disengaged and apathetic about their community. But we’ve seen that when you meet residents where they are (convenient mail-in ballots, easy online giving), then all of a sudden, Miami-Dade can flex serious some serious civic muscle. It’s an energy that when wielded effectively, can focus resources on whatever […]